Application Information


I am a full time professional Dominatrix located in Dayton, Ohio. I have walked many paths in life, including 25 years in the corporate world. The experiences I’ve had, along with my natural dominant personality and being an empath, gives me the ability to connect with people from all walks of life. My ability to connect with My clients allows Me to provide a unique and personal experience for each individual client. I love variety and offer a long list of services including Fetish, Kink and BDSM.




Read all  INFORMATION on this page before applying for a session…



Please fill out the form for any enquiries and bookings once you read the information provided on this page.
Making a booking request means you have read and understand all of the terms and conditions on this page.
The only personal information required on the form is health issues. If we are doing a heavy impact scene or medical play MAKE SURE to list your medications that may affect our session. I am not liable under any circumstance if you don’t answer that question honestly.


I require full session tribute to book your appointment. Tributes are non refundable. No tribute, no session! Your non refundable tribute is for your session and it reserves the agreed upon day and time of your appointment. This means I don’t schedule anyone else at that day and time. It’s reserved JUST for you. My discrete tribute website will be sent in My response email to your session request application. This also means there is no tribute exchange at the session, so you can focus on the anticipation of all the fun things instead of dealing with the tribute.

Under no circumstances can you request or receive a refund of any of the session tribute. If you have a scheduling conflict I will do My best to help you work around your issue but keep in mind I have a full schedule, so adjustments aren’t always available.


There is a place on the application to share your preferred preference of showing your appreciation. If you prefer gifting instead of tipping there is more information about gifts located on the Pre-Booking Q&A page at the bottom. These are not required but strongly suggested as it’s proper etiquette to tip in any service industry, including this one.


Entire body including mouth hygeine is very important. Please prep appropriately for your session. If you need to prep at My location that is an option but needs to be approved by Me as I keep a strict schedule and time will need to be made for that.


Fashion fetishist, there is a place to request My clothing attire for your session on the application form. If you have a leather, latex, pantyhose, boot, heels or any other fashion fetish you may request it specifically. Latex will come at an additional cost for your session and may not be available if I’m already traveling as I may not have any with Me. I don’t typically travel with it or wear it unless requested. I have lots of wet look outfits that don’t come at an additional cost.


My availability will depend on My schedule and location. On the application form there is a place to request multiple dates and times that suit you. Make sure you pay attention to the travel dates I’ll be in your area before checking your schedule for a session. I will decide what works best for Me and confirm in a reply email before you pay your tribute. My schedule fills up fast, booking ahead of time will give you more flexibility with your preferred date and time. My hours of operation depend on My location but typically are between 10am-9pm. Same day sessions are almost impossible and may come at an additional cost to you.


I provide the location for all My sessions. Either a dungeon or My hotel. It’s EXTREMELY rare I will ever agree to conducting an outcall sessions to your hotel. Requests like that REQUIRES 3 weeks advanced booking, information of REPUTABLE references you’ve previously sessioned with and their contact information. This allows Me time to check with those references. I do NOT do outcalls to personal premises.


Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time. Any earlier and you will be waiting outside as I will still be preparing the space for our session. If you are running late, I need to know. It takes away from your paid session time. If you are 30min or more late you forfeit your session and your tribute for that session.

If you are brand new to the BDSM scene, or have any hesitations – please inform Me within your email! The beginning of your session I will go back over discussed session details and answer any questions.

If at any point during the session you become sexually inappropriate towards Me, purposely touch Me without permission, don’t follow My limits and guidelines or have to be told NO more than once I will end the session and you forfeit your session and tribute. This will also result in being denied future sessions. I love to have fun in My sessions and communication is key to making that happen. If you have ANY questions about this policy please note it in your session application.


All clients are more than welcome to bring along any of your favorite toys, items, and clothing to use in session. Just ensure it is all clean and ready to use and bring along an extra bag to put used items in afterwards.


Acknowledging NO sexual activity on the application means you understand I am not an escort. My private areas are OFF LIMITS to you. If you are looking for these things I suggest hiring a BDSM professional that also offers escorting services. You are also acknowledging you are not trying to entrap Me, solicit Me or obtain illegal sexual activities from Me. That you are a safe individual not working for any entity’s and are approaching for a professional BDSM session.


                                                                    (I will respond within 24-48hrs if you don’t receive a response check your spam folder)


Text, call, cam and Skype sessions

Can’t get to a location to do an in person session with Me? I offer all kinds of Kink, Fetish and BDSM style sessions on My text lines are always open. This is the only site I use for text, calls and cam sessions. Cam and call session hours may very but My normal business hours are 10am-9pm EST. The Skype form below is only to be used if I informed you to submit this application for booking purposes.