Booking Q&A

On this page you will find video answers to commonly asked questions. I suggest watching all videos before booking so you don’t ask questions that have already been answered here or I will refer you back to this page to watch these videos.


Here you will find a video I made to post on My new open twitter @Tre_call I also have a new locked account @TemptressTRE both are currently active but could go away at any time (like My old account) so here is the video in case you don’t have twitter or the accounts get shut down by Twitter again.

CORRECTION to this video about your card information, so you’re aware it ISN’T stored, your card is processed per the 1 time tribute for THAT session ONLY. Ask if you have any questions.

Wasted Time

Why My process requires tribute in full. I WILL be there, this ensures you will as well.

Whats Not Available

There are things  NOT available in a real session. This isn’t a porn, this is real time sessions.


Email gift cards[email protected],,,,

Amazon: Link on home page

Alcohol: Vegan & Organic wine ONLY! It MUST be both due to allergies. A favorite brand is Pizzolato found at Whole Foods.

Venmo: Raven_eve

Cashapp: $TemptressRavenEve