Session Reviews & Testimonials

“I was so far gone in a subspace that time flew by. She did things I never knew I needed or wanted. She was the best and most brutal Domina I have ever seen but with enough caring energy that I knew I was safe and that she truly enjoyed what she was doing. She pushed my boundaries while staying within my limits and helped me discover who I truly am. She actually cares about Her clients and does everything to make the experience the best it can possibly be.
She was amazing, funny, sadistic, hardcore, caring and just can hit all the buttons for anyone seeking a professional Dominatrix. She has all the outfits, She has all the toys, She has the ability to help you forget the rest of the world and get the release that everyone wishes they could get when having a session. I have sessioned with other big name professional Dominas before and Temptress Raven Eve is truly above all of the rest.”
TREowned pet & shoot slave featured here at ClubDom

“TEMPTRESS RAVEN EVE teaches you the pleasure of pain. Feel the sting of her whip and embrace it. Push past your perceived boundaries and beg for more as the euphoric rush of corporal punishment washes over your entire body.”

CP sessioner

“…You are so cool and i love how soft & sensual but cruel & sadistic, all at the same time! i had such high expectations before W/we met and You are even better than i could have possibly imagined. i was in such a deep subspace, i would have done absolutely anything you asked. Your full time slaves are so lucky & blessed to be owned by You! i will never forget meeting You or this experience.”

Experienced heavy bottom sessioner, slave p

i am blessed to be owned by the extraordinary Temptress Raven Eve (TRE) and have been since January 27th, 2020. TRE keeps me under lock and key and wears it proudly around her neck. TRE is unique in that She truly loves what She does and it is evident with everything She does. W/we communicate daily even if to simply say “hi” or “have a good day My sissy”.  It’s a fabulous D/s relationship.

TRE is compassionate, yet forceful; understanding, yet demanding; sensual, yet kinky. Regardless of your experience level, TRE will enhance your life as a submissive.  

For those of you that are wondering what it would be like to be at the feet of TRE – stop wondering! Temptress Raven Eve is more than you could even imagine – beautiful, sexy, dominating, caring, unique, kinky, funny, compassionate and well, perfect.

Thank You Temptress Raven Eve for helping me be a better submissive. i cannot wait to see what the future brings!

TREowned sissy steffi Ohio

“Fantasies met! Limits respected, yet boundaries pushed.  Temptress Raven Eve is without question the most incredible Domme I have ever had the privilege to serve.”

TREowned sissy NC

“Temptress welcomed me to Her new NC dungeon location and accepted my gifts. She was in Her best, wearing an amazing outfit that highlighted Her amazing beauty. She didn’t need a word, just a look to make me strip and kneel to Her. Predator like She moved around me, tied me to Her cross for the part She enjoys: warm up and whipping and caning. Her passion, movements and sensual sadism connected me with my primal self and i completely sunk into Her world and a wonderful subspace. She applied the ball stretcher She loves on me and guided me to the most amazing part. In slow and elegant movements She sat on my face, controlled my breath, sat on my chest, my neck and made Her wonderful spit a gift to me. Her movements were hypnotic, sensual, mesmerizing. After that She gently guided me to a new position and gave me my first experience of a lifetime. When getting dressed She made me dance to Her zapper and giggled while doing it with Her lovely giggle.
A session with Temptress feels like a dance in the star light in a perfect summer night, like the soul gets caught on a fire of passion that feeds instead of consuming the soul, like being reborn.
I know the session was booked for three hours, but it could have been a minute, or a day, i lost track of time in a good way. The euphoria of the subspace of this session lasted eight days and every time i think back to this session i feel wonderful”
Retired TREowned slave 333 days locked in chastity

“F*cking LIFE changing! Best time of my life! Every dollar worth it, cannot WAIT to see you again!”

M. FootFetishist